Romensa ROSU Shapewear

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ROSU Shapewear πŸ‘‰β€―Science-based shapewear with skin and health benefits, presenting a curvier body instantly: 

❀️ Fat management πŸ‘‰help in re-position fat and sculpt your body naturally, presenting a curvier body instantly 

❀️ Emana yarn πŸ‘‰ scientifically proven, long term wearing will promote smoother skin and reduce the appearance of stretch mark and cellulite 

❀️ Memory fabric πŸ‘‰ lightweight smart fabric, adapt to your body shape for optimum comfort, withoutβ€―anyβ€―binding, pinching or discomfort, excellent breathability  

❀️ Negative ion volcanic energy stone πŸ‘‰ relieve cold womb, aid detoxification, relieve menstrual pain 

❀️ Cultivates proper sitting and standing posture, make you look fabulous in your every body movement. 

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Purchase ROSU shapewear at RM388, top up only RM40 for the following: 

🀩 1 V Face Shaping and Lifting Belt worth RM138β€― + πŸ€© 1 Shapewear Lifting Pants worth RM138  

Total package worth RM 664, you can get it now at RM428 onlyβ€Ό ️ 

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