Wood & Grill

Lot GF-10, 11 & GB-13, Level G

As we launched the first fusion Peranakan restaurant, Wood & Grill; the journey kicked off from Melaka food scene showcase the late 90’s. As we travelled back to memoirs of good old days, we managed to dig out those epicurean pieces of our Baba & Nyonya trails when we were young.

Behind all these memoirs, we are cooking with techniques that are enhanced alongside today’s culinary trade. At Wood & Grill, you will witness modern culinary techniques of smoking chicken chop with Keruing wood chips, that is sourced locally from the amazon of Kuala Lipis; sous vide rendang shin shank that is fundamentally Nyonya and modernized by applying low temperature cooking with prolong time frame onto it. Our culinary mission is to feature Modern. Fusion. Peranakan under the roof of Wood & Grill.

At Wood& Grill, we focus on serving you the dining experience of our team composing all fresh ingredients sourced within central Malaysia hub brought together in a modern, chic yet with a twist of Melaka Baba Nyonya tone that is widely acclaimed. You will not be surprised to witness some of our Unique Dining Experience (UDE) that we crafted for you. Besides, you will sip in own blend of coffee bean and tea leaves that are finely selected and engineered in brewing each cup of K-series coffee & teas.

Our mission is complimented perfectly with fumes of local wood chips, Keruing; burnt to perfection in elevating the third sensory skillset during your visit at Wood & Grill. You are to expect to witness a cloud of whitish smoke that is dome onto your grilled food paired imperatively with our signature sauces, to name a few; from Goreng Chili to Lemak sauce and furthered to laksa sauce and so on; that are house made fresh daily. Not to forget our array of Nyonya fusion dessert that is crafted with heart and soul in addition to purest Gula Melaka sourced locally and brought to you in its best form of culinary.

At Wood & Grill, we look forward to serving you with Modern. Fusion. Peranakan.